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Arthritis Foodie Amazon Storefront

Have you been following Arthritis Foodie for a while, or have you just joined the community? Welcome, I really hope you’re finding the support, comfort and advice you’ve been looking for to live well with arthritis.

Today I launched my Amazon Storefront! I get a lot of messages asking about all the kinds of products I use and enjoy every day, which I frequently share on Arthritis Foodie.

Link is here:

Whether it is a comforting herbal tea, a joint support for your arthritis, pain relief for when your arthritis flares, supplements to take alongside a healthy diet…. or that novel I shared one rainy Sunday!

I have uploaded and will continue to upload the range of items that I think will help you daily to live with your arthritis symptoms… as they help me! Some are off topic, but that I know you have asked to know about (like books and films).

The categories so far in no particular order are as follows:

⁃ Supports for Joints

⁃ Cooking Equipment

⁃ Pain Relief

⁃ Supplements

⁃ Sleep Remedies

⁃ Herbal Teas

⁃ Matcha Products

⁃ Films & TV

⁃ Recipe Inspiration

⁃ My Book Shelf (Fiction)

⁃ My Book Shelf (Non Fiction

If you have any category ideas that you would like me to add – just let me know!

Thanks everyone and hope the shop enables you to find products that will help you with your arthritis and more!

Emily x