Who is Arthritis Foodie, what is Arthritis Foodie?

I’m Emily, I’ve had seronegative arthritis for 7 years (since I was 20 years old) and I’m on medication – diagnosed as inbetween rheumatoid arthritis and psoriatic arthritis – I currently take methotrexate, humira, and folic acid.

After another flare-up in 2018, I decided to try to take control of my own body, health, and wellbeing. Google searches like: arthritis diets, arthritis food, best foods for arthritis, anti-inflammatory foods, foods to avoid with arthritis, young people with arthritis, ways to manage arthritis pain were all in my search history.

However, I couldn’t find a blog or a person dedicated to living well with arthritis. I was feeling fed up and alone. The first place I go as a young person is Instagram, and I couldn’t find anyone young blogging about arthritis*. So, I thought, why can’t that person be me? Maybe I can be the one to begin a lifestyle arthritis and food diary, to help myself and others at the same time.

So, with the Arthritis Foodie instagram I started to document my journey – discovering all kinds of natural remedies – diet, exercise, and lifestyle. I eventually discovered so many people, like me! Looking for other people with arthritis, and healthy ways to live with their arthritis.

Fast forward to now, and Arthritis Foodie is a lot bigger than just my Instagram diary! It is a community, a place to feel less alone where questions will be answered, comfort will be given, and positivity will be provided. There’s products to try, recipes to do, exercise tips to give a go, quotes to read on the days you need to read them, and a lot more.

And now, in 2021, there is an Arthritis Foodie book too!

Beat Arthritis Naturally: Supercharge your health with 65 recipes and lifestyle tips from Arthritis Foodie.

You can find Arthritis Foodie on Instagram, @ArthritisFoodie and on Facebook “Arthritis Foodie Forum”.

Thank you for stopping by xx

*Theres now hundreds of young people on Instagram and TikTok blogging about their arthritis, and I think it is absolutely wonderful, as it makes all of us feel less alone.