Who is Arthritis Foodie, what is Arthritis Foodie?

I’m Emily, I’ve had seronegative arthritis for 6 six years (since I was 20 years old) and I’m on medication – but one day I don’t want to be.

After another flare-up last year, I decided to take control of my own body, and in September 2018 I began to discover hollistic ways to heal. I’m managing my symptoms – discovering all kinds of natural remedies – through diet, exercise, and lifestyle. Arthritis Foodie is largely an experiment and a journey that started as a diary, but now…

Arthritis Foodie is a community, a place to feel less alone where questions will be answered, comfort will be given, and positivity will be provided. There’s products to try, recipes to do, exercise tips to give a go, quotes to read on the days you need to read them, and a lot more. You can find us on both Instagram, @ArthritisFoodie and on Facebook “Arthritis Foodie Forum”.

We’re open to ideas, and really, as long as it’s 100% natural – I will try anything to heal my body better.

Hope you can join us x