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Hello, I’m Emily and I’ve had seronegative arthritis since I was 20 years old (six years), and after another flare-up, I decided to take control of my health in ways that I could. So, I started @arthritisfoodie in September 2018, as a place to:

  • share yummy and natural whole food recipes, adhering to the books I’d read on arthritis diets (that were all really out of date!)
  • post about my experience with natural remedies: from products, to fitness, to pain management.
  • positively talk about living with arthritis.
  • find a community of people like me (that weren’t the stereotyped elderly person).

If you’re looking for healthy and natural ways to live with arthritis, or simply a place to feel positive and be a part of a community – you’re in the right place.

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    Arthritis Foodie Amazon Storefront

    23rd Oct 2019 by

    Have you been following Arthritis Foodie for a while, or have you just joined the community? Welcome, I really hope you’re finding the support, comfort and advice you’ve been looking for to live well with arthritis. Today I launched my Amazon Storefront! I get a lot of messages asking about all the kinds of products… Read more

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    BOOK CAMPAIGN: Arthritis Foodie ‘A Natural Remedy’

    3rd Aug 2019 by

    I’M WRITING A BOOK!! Hey everyone, I’m trying to get a book published for the Arthritis Foodie Community, but I need your help! Please pre-order a book, or a gift package, to raise funds and awareness for this idea by going to: https://publishizer.com/arthritis-foodie/. Packages include: invites to the book launch, Arthritis Foodie notebooks and aprons, hamper… Read more

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    Review: Floatation Therapy with Float Hub UK

    2nd Aug 2019 by

              Have you ever had a bath in the dark, with no noise, no distractions, endless space and the complete sense of weightlessness both physically and mentally? For a whole hour? Sounds good doesn’t it? Sounds restful too, and it truly is… And it’s a lot better than what I’ve just described, it’s an hour… Read more

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