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BOOK CAMPAIGN: Arthritis Foodie ‘A Natural Remedy’


Hey everyone, I’m trying to get a book published for the Arthritis Foodie Community, but I need your help! Please pre-order a book, or a gift package, to raise funds and awareness for this idea by going to:

Packages include: invites to the book launch, Arthritis Foodie notebooks and aprons, hamper of goodies and even a retreat!

‼️THE BOOK DOES NOT EXIST YET!! But if awareness and funds are raised, IT CAN HAPPEN (if I don’t get more than 50 book orders then I have to refund you all and it won’t happen…).

Why am I doing this?

6 years ago, in my final year of university, I was really poorly with no diagnoses of what it was until almost 2 years afterwards… SERONEGATIVE ARTHRITIS. Arthritis? Are you joking? I couldn’t believe it and I didn’t want to believe it either.

For years, I hid my condition, only telling close friends and family. I was embarrassed, angry and frustrated. I’ve been on countless medications. I inject myself 4 times a month, soon to be 6 times a month with two different medications. I’ve been fed up, low, and at times I have felt very alone. 

Then last year, I set up the Instagram account called Arthritis Foodie, as a diary of health with recipes and natural remedies to try to help my symptoms – and at the same time try to help others too. I met so many people my age and instantly felt less alone. Since then, Arthritis Foodie has become a community of almost 9,000 people. I kept my face hidden from the page until a few weeks ago (before then it was just photos and videos of my hands!) because, I realised, how can I change the stigmas attached to arthritis if I don’t be brave and put my face out there? And now, I’m making a bigger step and attempting to publish a book.

What will be in this book?

“Do you have arthritis? Are you looking for natural remedies to feel better alongside your medication (like me)? I began a natural remedy journey in August 2018 when after years of drugs, flare-ups and pain, I decided to look into holistic ways of healing, hoping to find young people like me eager to do the same. One year, and 8,500+ followers later, Arthritis Foodie has become a community of positivity and strength, offering advice, recipes, products, exercise and pain relief for people who have arthritis. The book will bring all of this together!”

How can you help?

If you know anyone with arthritis who might find comfort or help in what I am doing, please show them my page on Instagram:

And, if you’re feeling kind, or would like this book to be on shelves for real, please pre-order a book and help me to raise awareness:

Thanks everyone!

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Why I Started Arthritis Foodie

Run down due to starting a new job a couple of months before, not eating properly due to stress/rushing about/not taking care of myself, and losing more sleep than ever – my body and immune system reacted once again to my lack of self-care. I felt miserable, and my ankle pain and swelling hit an ultimate high – then, on holiday with my friend I was in even more pain as I noticed my right elbow had swollen and I couldn’t extend it to the length of my left one. Terrified, upset, and feeling more alone and burdened with my arthritis than ever before – I wanted to take control, no, I needed to take control of my arthritis – someway, any way at all! So, when I returned from my holiday I ordered a load of books online, stuck my head into those, and buried my mind in online articles too. Then, September 2018, I decided to make a huge lifestyle choice and experiement with food, exercise, and natural remedies on a journey to one day be medication-free.

Since then, a lot has happened. For starters – there is all of YOU. Wow, I did not expect that when I opened the account @ArthritisFoodie it would grow the way that it has, and it has brought so many people together. Originally as a diary to document this journey living with arthritis and experimenting with natural remedies, it has now become a place of support, hope, and patient-to-patient education. A place where we can all talk openly about our arthritis and feel less alone.

With this new lifestyle, I have noticed these changes so far:

  • Improved my immunity: every Winter I end up bed ridden with cold/flu/virus, and I would have at least 10 or more colds that would last for weeks, I have only had 2 since September, with minimal symptoms and recovering faster than ever before.
  • Relieved symptoms in my right elbow: my elbow is now totally back to normal, and both arms stretch to the same length, and I don’t have any pain there either.
  • Still in pain, but pain has decreased massively: I remember being in Nottingham May 2018 for the day and I love to shop (with my mum and sister), but I just couldn’t hack it and had to sit on a bench and wait for them.

I’m still on medication, and there is still a long way to go… But, I am really hopeful of what food, lifestyle, exercise and natural remedies can do.