Living with arthritis used to be lonely. Until, I discovered a whole community of you, who know how it feels to live with a chronic illness – from arthritis to fibromyalgia, there are many autoimmune diseases that can effect somebody’s day to day life.

I found support in the quotes you all were sharing on social media, some inspiring, some brutally honest, and some just simply offering comfort in knowing that I was not alone. And, I discovered a new word too – Spoonie!

“Spoonie” is a term commonly used in the chronic illness community to refer to those who have limited amounts – or “spoons” – of energy each day due to their illness.

– ‘Spoon Theory’ by Christina Miserandino

So, here’s a gallery of them – read them, save this page on your browser, set them as your phone background (I have a collection on Instagram full of them) and just dip in, take a look when you’re not in a good place, or hey, when you are in a good place to remind you when you weren’t.

Hope you enjoy them, Arthritis Foodie x