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We now have 276 Arthritis Foodies on the Facebook Group, a place to ask questions, chat to people who know what it is like to live with arthritis, feel positive and find ways to cope with your symptoms.

It’s an open place for anyone who likes the idea of trying natural remedies, food, and exercise to manage arthritis alongside medication.

For further information about how the page began, please read the below. Hope you can join us!

Hello everyone!

Arthritis Foodie here.

I have been receiving a number of requests to start a Facebook group where we can all chat openly about our arthritis, from medications to food, to pain management and matcha! I love connecting you to each other by sharing your messages in Instagram Stories, but I don’t always have time to share them all – so I hope that you can share them with each other on here.

All that I ask is that this is a place of positivity and support. Any negative comments are not welcome – Arthritis Foodie is about supporting one another in this journey. I hope this group helps you.

As this is a ‘patient-to-patient’ sharing group, we are supporting each other from our own experiences, but we have different bodies – please see your Rheumatologist for professional medical advice if needed.

Lots of love! Arthritis Foodie.

Ps. Please share your recipes on here – would love to know what you like and don’t like xx

Information about the page when it first began – April 2019.
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